Shoe size guide

Below is a universal shoe size guide that will help you choose the most appropriate size in the range. It is important to note that sizes can vary somewhat between different shoe types and styles.

Universal shoe size guide

If I do not have a conversion table available?

If you want to measure shoes without a conversion table, you can do so as follows: A. Lay a sheet on the floor and place your feet on the sheet.
B. Check what type of sock you would normally use with this shoe, and sock the sock, or of course there is the option of no socks at all.
third. Use a pencil and mark the heel of the foot, and the tip of the longest toe.
D. Do the same for the other leg.
God. You can now take a meter or ruler, and measure the length between the markings you have marked.
and. In the measurement table you will find the exact measurement for the measurement you made.
P. If your foot length is between two sizes in the table, always choose the larger size.
H. If one foot mark is longer than the other, always choose the larger size.

Shoe size guide for women

Nowadays we, the most popular place to buy women's shoes, is the internet. In most cases you will not find a store or even a variety of stores in the mall, which will be able to compete with what the internet has to offer, which is an endless abundance of styles, models, options. The huge advantage is that every woman can find the shoes that are comfortable for her, flattering, suitable for any purpose, whether it is an elegant pastime, sports activity, or work. "Moran shoes" therefore offer, dear women, a wide range of shoes for any purpose, with the key word being comfort. Both at work and at leisure, the importance of comfort is maximum and of great value. In the online store of "Moran Shoes", you can find the unique, beautiful models, in the style that suits you, and in the right sizes for you.

Shoe size guide for men

It turns out that even for men, the Internet is becoming a popular address for buying shoes. You too, dear men, prefer to save valuable time walking around stores, and order the following shoes online for you. With Moran Shoe Size Guide, you can assure yourself that you are ordering the exact size that is right for you, without fear of inconsistency or awkwardness later on.

Exchanges and refunds

We understand that sometimes, when shopping online, even after you have gone through the "Moran Shoes" shoe size guide, you can get shoes that do not fit you in 100%. If you want to return the product you purchased, you can do so within 14 days of receiving the product, subject to the Consumer Protection Law. You can also replace the product with another product. Free shipping and first replacement! According to the Moran Shoes policy, replacement or return of a product involves a payment of NIS 35.

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