Moran Shoes Company Is a family business that began operating in the early 1970s on a limited basis. In 1986, the company began operating under the Moran Shoes brand.
The rationale that was before our eyes when starting the business was to address those who suffer from back and foot problems due to walking in shoes that do not provide the necessary response.
Over the years, we have formed a group of talented developers and modelers and together we have created a winning formula for developing the comfort shoes we offer today.

The development process is very complex and is done in a dynamic environment that is adapted at all times to changing technologies.
With the growing awareness and need among different populations for a health shoe adapted to an active lifestyle,
We were exposed to a younger target audience, with more complex requirements. Here, too, we were able to offer and provide solutions Diverse and professional who have expanded our presence in the market and also captured the hearts and feet of the male audience.

Today Moran Shoes is a leading company in the field of shoes in general and a strong and central brand in the field of comfort shoes in particular.
We continue to develop and innovate with advanced technologies, diversify into new models and always listen To our satisfied customers, who have acquired appreciation and loyalty over the years.
Each series in our collection has unique characteristics Which address a wide range of needs. The development procedure is unique to us, the shoes undergo a strict quality inspection throughout the production stages, we use In particularly fine raw materials, our insoles are anatomical to prevent pain, the soles absorb shocks And the insoles are suitable for most types of shoes.
The final product – a women's shoe that combines elegance, comfort and quality, without competition.

An up-to-date and innovative brand never ceases to invest in research and development. We purchased advanced mechanization, located raw materials Innovative and we have implemented the use of leading technologies in the world. To ensure a perfect match between The sole for the shoe body and the special features of each model.

Raw materials
תThe shoe bottoms are made from a combination of materials that imparts maximum shock resistance and ability along with the softness that varies depending on the use of the shoe. All shoe components are made from natural and breathable materials For the airiness of the foot. We maintain a precise ratio between the back heel and the height of the sole face and thus Maintain proper stability and prevent slipping.

Our men's shoes Manufactured with thinking and planning that carefully combines design and maximum comfort. The use In the unique anatomical insoles and soles of our unique shock absorbers, the high-quality raw materials and the extremely high level of finish, we produce a versatile shoe that embraces the foot throughout the day, And is especially adapted, without any compromise, to a lifestyle in which work and leisure come together.

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